vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Shit Noise 6 CDr

Various - Shit Noise 6
SNR 080
CDr, Limited Edition, Compilation
31 Dec 2010

To-Bo  - Electrowar6:07
Mince Splatters  - High Place Work3:04
10Konekt  - Esion4:00
Heirdrain  - Futur Apocalypse4:39
Sperm Pollution  - Some Shitty Songs0:42
Cum Sock  - Sex With Satan1:18
Ablaze Eternal  - Red Heaven4:15
Das Gonob Quasiforma  - Abrahat6:55
Talib Aziiz  - Keras Kepala Seperti Keledai No.1 Pt.13:15
10 Kaelteeinbruch  - Engel Die Fliegen (Catgirl Pressure On Heaven Remix)6:39
11 Noisy (2)  - Grundge6:02
12 M.S.P., The  - Eat My Snailhead Penis3:26
13 Cum Function  - Sunday Cock Worshipper's Memorial Service3:53
14 Der Domestizierte Mensch  - Es War Nicht Alles Gut3:08
15 Noise Of Teeming*  - Macchina Sequenziale A Rom A Formato Variabile2:56
16 Torture Border  - T.b.0172:52
17 Migraine Inc  - Hippie #42:22

Limited to 50 copies.

jeudi 21 octobre 2010

sPE_0063 Lake Noise

10KoneKt - 'Lake Noise'

10KONEKT - 'Lake Noise'

is proud to release 10KoneKt 'Lake
Recorded Live @ Charavines 2010
'...the numbers though latest synapses abounded
as about to
any chemical my - it felt him choke'

-undRess Béton

dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Tears of Toys on NTNS Radio!

Playlist July 3rd 2010

Delia Derbyshire does John Peel
AAGSF – Mars 2010 (Ruszud)
- Mars
- Mars no epilog
Ryan Laccohee – Pieces (aReW)
- More solar
- Dark star
- On the green
- Torque
Cagey house – Do the magnet – (Weird and Wired)
- Smiles from BC
- Therpa
- Detective Doctor and pool
- Several dawns and a dusk
- Camping with Jimmy
- N62
Souns – Six (Panospria)
- Static blue
Hatori Yumi – Spin EP (AMP recs)
- a1
- a2
- a3
- a4
- a5
- a6
- a7
- b1
- b2
- b3
- b4
- b5
- b6
- b7
Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on human metamorphoses (Just not Normal)
- The pentagram
- Musings on human metamorphoses
- Un coup de Ds jamais nabolira le Hasard
- Musings on human metamorphoses pt2
- a horror of empty spaces
- Musings on human metamorphoses pt3
- Preludio a la siesta de un fauno
- Musings on human metamorphoses pt4
- A horror of empty spaces pt2
- A horror of empty spaces pt3
10Konekt – Tears of toys (Pavillon 36)
- Tears of toys 1
- Tears of toys 3
- Tears of toys 4

jeudi 24 juin 2010

[P36-049] 10Konekt - Tears Of Toys

10Konekt - Tears Of Toys

Cat # : P36-049
Date: 24 June 2010
Genre: Noise, Bending
Run time: 44m 07s

06 Tracks

All tracks made with circuit bent instruments.../...


dimanche 25 avril 2010

10konekt@NTNS Radio

or well, errrrrr.... fly people fly and polute the sky ... again

Heck, it's nearly saturdaymorning again and a brand new episode awaits your dainty ears. Perk em up and get em high.

or in words:

Polar lights - Reflections (Passage)
Guanxi - Pixel (Top40)
Horiso - Walks (Breathe)
Somaticae - Fur EP (Brainstorm lab)
Charles Rice Goff III - The undrugging of Tony Blackpasture (Taped rugs)
Anton Mobin - Floating wood (Greenfield)
Psychaotic - Teratology (Black square)
Measures - Measures (aReW)
10KoneKt - Radiation (Amduscias)

You certainly know where to find us if you read this message. If you don't you're just normal, no problems.

All aboard!!!!

mercredi 14 avril 2010

reviews,playlists ...

New release by 10konekt on Amp-recs. 25 minutes of intense and hypnotic noise. More info on Amp-Recs.

WINX review from

Reviewer: Ivan1984 - [4.0 out of 5 stars] - March 17, 2010
Subject: Warped in places
Each track seems to be a slightly disturbing lack of awareness about what is really going on. In more than one sense there are intensities and relaxations. Indifference, feigned or real, making all the difference. If you like long-drawn artistry, with the excellent precision of sound insanity now and then, it is very likeable.




Grey 2 part of this mix!


Andre de Buscher - RPS 55  [MCM.03]

vendredi 2 avril 2010

10konekt - Grey (EP) (amp058)

10konekt  - Grey (EP) (amp058)

10konekt  - Grey (EP) (amp058)


"Grey" is third of the 10konekt color series EP.


"Black EP" previously released by Clinical Archives ca213
"White Ep" previously released by HAZE haze 062

dimanche 7 mars 2010

JNN080 JNN Collective - The world is Just not Normal Pt. 4 page
SonicSquirrel page soon

Fourth in the ongoing series of retrospective megamixes 'The world is Just not Normal' once again the bar is raised.
18 tracks in just over 26 minutes time, this mix will take you through the last 20 albums of JNN where ofttimes 6 tracks are layered at the same time. Time for you to indulge into some dark and brooding sounds and to invite you to a closer look at what JNN has in store for your ears and brain.

00.00 Emerald Adrift - Abandoned amusementpark (JNN062)
00.00 Megatone - Awake (JNN061)
01.40 Fosel - Track 01 (JNN063)
04.56 undRess Béton - Andre Pissoir on discussions (JNN066)
08.34 Alexander Kibanov - Pi (JNN073)
09.34 Koji Okamoto - Collosal squid (JNN069)
11.14 The Silence Bureau - 33 Saturday (JNN064)
12.50 Anime Hill - Filterbreather (JNN071)
13.22 usr/sbin - Wolf moon rising (JNN077)
14.32 kuz.b - Where you behind the door? (JNN067)
15.10 Kris Cadwell - A minor thing (JNN070)
15.41 jfox & loopy c. - Track 03 (JNN065)
16.59 Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama - Abandoned airports (JNN079)
18.25 Aide Auditive - Cihu (JNN076)
19.48 My brother Daniel - Baby bird (JNN075)
21.10 undRess Béton - Unreal behind his able (JNN066)
21.50 10KoneKt - Winx 4 (JNN074)
23.47 Martin Back - The atonement of man (JNN078)

JNN Collective - The world is Just not Normal Pt. 4

JNN080 zipfile including artwork

samedi 20 février 2010

Mashine EP on aReW recordings

10konekt - Mashine EP on aReW recordings
February 20th: aReW recordings net label announce their seventh release (RW-007) available for free download. A 2 track EP by 10konekt called Mashine EP

-format: mp3 (free download): 320kbps, Zip File Size: 40 MB
-artist(s): 10konekt
-listen/download @ Mashine EP
-run time: 18 minutes approx
-genre: experimental, industrial, electronica

Track Listing-:

1. Mashine 1 (9:00)
2. Mashine 2 (8:55)

all tracks written and recorded by 10konekt

lundi 8 février 2010

10konekt@NTNS Radio

Time to cut the wires and release another episodical adventure of NTNS
Are you ready!
Andrea Scevola – All mountains are grey
GhostSonic – Infinite
Teleferick – Broken kites and tangled squares
Nigel Samways
– Poor Henrietta Marie
Rinus van Alebeek – Nine variations
James McDougal
– Mountains upon a phosphorescent sky
Miquel Parera Jaques –
The Zippers – The essence of zipper music
10KoneKt –
If your brain is in need of a good wash; here’s where to get one!
Not the Normal Essential Shit radio
All aboard!