dimanche 25 avril 2010

10konekt@NTNS Radio

or well, errrrrr.... fly people fly and polute the sky ... again

Heck, it's nearly saturdaymorning again and a brand new episode awaits your dainty ears. Perk em up and get em high.

or in words:

Polar lights - Reflections (Passage)
Guanxi - Pixel (Top40)
Horiso - Walks (Breathe)
Somaticae - Fur EP (Brainstorm lab)
Charles Rice Goff III - The undrugging of Tony Blackpasture (Taped rugs)
Anton Mobin - Floating wood (Greenfield)
Psychaotic - Teratology (Black square)
Measures - Measures (aReW)
10KoneKt - Radiation (Amduscias)

You certainly know where to find us if you read this message. If you don't you're just normal, no problems.

All aboard!!!!

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