mardi 8 décembre 2009


review :: Royce Icon
musical release :: white
label :: HAZE
musical artist :: 10Konekt
'white' is apparently the second in a series of color themed releases from french duo 10Konekt. The group seem to only use circuit bent and otherwise modified toys to generate sounds, which is as good a theme as any. And they use their instruments well in this 27 minute longs jam, assaulting your ears with all sorts of yummy shrapnel, from pitch bent squeals to jerky stop start grooves, as well as lots of nice glitchy stuff. But I must stress that the approach here is a bit different than many of the other circuit bent projects I've heard, in that there is more of a free jazz/ early industrial kind of wall of noise style improvosation feel, with many moments that almost veer on low end drone before slapping you in the face with some awesome disembodied child's toy sound.

Conclusion?: "white" is 27 minutes of noisy experimental industrial ear-joy. If you like your circuits bent, you'l love this. Good stuff. 
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