jeudi 14 mai 2009

HAZE VOL. 9 - burattino vs pinocchio

HAZE compilation "Burattino vs. Pinocchio"
This compilation is about a split personality when in one body live two individuals: Pinocchio and his russian synonym Burattino. Who’ll win - it is only your decision.
Dedicated to Carlo Collodi - creator of all heroes and puppets.

Djet - Buratino On The Sea
Aortha - Woody Tech
Angels Of The Corrupt - Prfct Toy
Angels Of The Corrupt - Magic Clock
Angels Of The Corrupt - Piano 4 Pinoccio
Avsens - Asered
Sense Solaris - Untitled
10konekt - Puppets Duet
BurbonMonsters - è Stato Stupido
BurbonMonsters - Nol
E.I.D - Body Attacks
Letzte Ausfahrt Leben - Hell
[is]Core - Forest Devastation
Spit It Out - To Build By
Instagon - Gemini
RAW N^D - Funny hop
RAW N^D - Vampire dolls
RoomDark - PapaKarloZombieMaster

Burattino vs. Pinocchio


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